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There are approximately 138 calories in one serving of Flame of Love Martini.


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Serve in a

Martini glass


Orange zest twist (flamed)

How to make:

Pour sherry into chilled glass, swirl to coat inside and discard excess. Using a match or lighter, express and ignite the oils from the orange peel so the burnt oil coats the inside of the sherry-coated glass. SHAKE the vodka with ice and fine strain into the coated glass.

3 twist Orange peel
2 fl oz Ketel One Vodka
1/4 fl oz Fino sherry

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Bone dry but fresh and most definitely citrusy.


Created at Chasen's, a legendary Hollywood restaurant that opened in 1936 and was a haunt of movie stars and even royalty until its eventual demise in 1995. The memorabilia that decorated the restaurant was held in storage and in 1997 Maud and Dave Chasen's grandson opened another Chasen's on Beverly Hills' Cañon Drive which sadly failed due to a lack of patrons.

During the original Chasen's heyday its star-studded clientele enjoyed drinks created by its noted bartender Pepe Ruiz. Of these the Flame of Love is his most famous creation, partly due to its originally being made for Dean Martin. The legend of this drink is further embellished by Dean dragging his old pal Frank Sinatra to Chasen's to try the drink. The story goes that Frank was so impressed that he ordered one for everyone in the place.

Our Martini cocktail page details its evolution and other common variants.

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