Ritorno Alle Radici (Back To The Roots)

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Old-fashioned glass
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There are approximately 225 calories in one serving of Ritorno Alle Radici (Back To The Roots).

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Serve in an

Old-fashioned glass


Orange zest twist & long cinnamon stick

How to make:

STIR all ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass.

1 1/2 fl oz Dewar's 12 Year Old Scotch whisky
2/3 fl oz Pedro Ximénez sherry
1/2 fl oz Suze gentian liqueur
1 dash Bob's Chocolate bitters
1 inch Vanilla pod (sliced)

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Our review:

Rich liquid Christmas pudding flavours of Pedro Jimenez laced with scotch whisky and balanced with subtle gentian and chocolate bitterness.


Adapted from a recipe created in 2017 by Elia Doro at Dry Martini Bar, Barcelona, Spain. Elia says, "When I first started to elaborate this cocktail I was thinking how to exalt the bitterness of the gentian, so I decided to make an appetizer, which is typical in my region of Italy and very popular in my city, Padua. As I am in Spain now I used Pedro Jimenez sherry wine as the sweet ingredient, that combined with the scotch will create a nice taste when you start drinking it, and then comes the taste of the Suze that leaves a really nice and soft bitterness."

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