2 October

National Name Your Car Day


So we are drinking a...


As national days go, this one is fairly off-the-wall but it's all just a bit of fun so join us today in celebrating National Name Your Car Day.

Today is the day to make that special commitment to your ride - by giving it a name. After all, can you truly say that you love your car if you haven't given it a name? Our trusty motors are always there for us when we need them: to run us to the grocery store, for a cross-country road trip or to simply get us to work or ferry the kids to school.

Naming our cars makes them seem almost human, and so our bond with them becomes stronger. Remember The General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard? Herbie? Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters? We remember these cars fondly, as if they were real characters in their own right.

It's fairly common practice to name your home, a boat, the stuffed animal you cuddled as a child, heck some people even name their house plants. So why not your car? But careful thought should be given to the moniker you give to your trusty automobile. Does it match the car's personality? Or your own personality for that matter? What about the car's age, colour or licence plate? And if you struggle to come up with a suitable name, there are even online car name generators that will suggest the perfect nickname for your wheels!

So if you love your car, why not give it a name today? And then raise a toast to it with an appropriately named cocktail, Buttercup for example (the car below's name).

ency 85 image

Anniversary of Twickenham Stadium opening

Twickenham Stadium, in southwest London, opened on this day in 1909 with a match between the Harlequins and Richmond rugby union clubs.

Constructed on land previously used to grow cabbages, it has been affectionately known as "the Cabbage Patch" ever since. Its agricultural leanings came back to the fore when it was used during World War I to graze cattle, horses and sheep. Owned and operated by the Rugby Football Union (RFU), it is currently the third-largest rugby union stadium in the world and is the home ground of the English rugby union team. Its inauguration capacity of 20,000 spectators has grown to 82,000.

Today we are raising a toast to all the players who have stepped onto the pitch at Twickenham with a Neutral Ground cocktail.

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