Compostini Mule

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Compostini Mule

Using, re-using and composting to make new products

General Idea

  • Collect sub-products that were going to waste
  • Create a cocktail using the sub-product
  • Serve at the bar
  • Save the organic material that was used
  • Take it to community gardens to compost
  • Grow new ingredients in the compost

The Compostini Mule cocktail circle

  • The Compostini Mule is a variation of the Moscow Mule with a sense of community and sustainability. Coffee grounds are collected from nearby coffee shops near and used the create coffee and ginger foam.
  • The coffee grounds, that have already been used twice are taken to community gardens where they are composted.
  • The compost helps grow new products.
  • Use the new ingredients to create new cocktail recipes.

Putting people together and going bigger

  • The Compostini Cocktail is more than a drink, it is an idea.
  • Start with one drink and then we control the destiny of all our waste.
  • Encourage other bars to create cocktails that are also circular.
  • Create a Stamp * I COMPOSTINI * to encourage bars to participate.
  • Bring the idea to guests so they can also start doing something at home.
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