One Giant Cause

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One Giant Cause

By Cal Bryne

Cal Byrne lives in Dublin, Ireland. After enduring one of the most severe lockdowns, the hospitality industry there is one of the worst affected in the world. Over 100,000 people affiliated with the industry are out of work, some for nearly sixteen months.

What started as a homage to the network of creative people that supported Cal on his World Class journey has become a community collective. ONE GIANT CAUSE stems from his Ketel One drink of the same name – a recurring metaphor used to marry the famous Irish landmark, the Giants Causeway, with Cal's journey of walking on the shoulders of the giants that support him.

Cal turned this ethos of support into a network. A collective of creative people. ONE GIANT CAUSE's ambition is simple - create a digital centre where people can showcase and discuss projects, form collaborations, make connections and help each other recover their careers.

To kickstart the initiative Cal teamed up with his partner Emma to build a mobile website prototype which you can explore here ) alongside this GoFundMe campaign to fund its development. Cal also plans a series of 'Craft Exchange Events' to recruit collaborators to the site.

The World Class competition brings the opportunity to grow the initiative globally and help talented people from all disciplines recover from the impact of the last sixteen months.

Cal's ONE GIANT CAUSE drink took inspiration from the natural plant pigments used by the Irish knitwear designer he has collaborated with. Its ingredients are: Ketel One Vodka, lemon geranium with hogweed seed and butterfly sorrel.

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One Giant Cause

Glass: Cocktail Glass - Nick and Nora
Garnish: Lemon Geranium Hydrosol

  1. Chill 2 x mixing glasses and 2 x Nick & Nora glasses
  2. Add 60 ml Ruaman [Ruuu- Maahn] Cordial (Butterfly Sorrel & Dublin Honey Project D6 Cordial) *60ml Per Drink
  3. Add 60 ml Hogweed Seed Infused Ketel One Vodka *60ml Per drink
  4. Add 2x2x2 inch block ice (straight from freezer) to each mixing jar/drink
  5. Stir Gently for 30 seconds *per drink
  6. Single Strain into Nick & Nora glasses
  7. Add 1 spray of Lemon Geranium Hydrosol *per drink
  8. Serve both drinks + 30ml samples of Ruaman Cordial per judge

60ml Ruaman cordial
60ml Ketel One

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