The Lighthouse Project

The Lighthouse Project

By Oliver Schmidt

Representing: Germany

"In this industry, we are all part of a huge community. Everyone who works at a bar knows of the ups and downs, the highs and lows of the best job in the world. Because of that, I wanted to create a community cocktail for charity and now the Worldclass and Ketel One gave me a platform for my project. To achieve this, I reached out to numerous bars from all over Germany and approached Mistelhain, a local beverage producer from Regensburg.

I made a syrup out of homegrown rosemary and then built a Highball consisting of Ketel One, Bitterlemon from Mistelhain and my homemade syrup. I sent packages with a bottle of Ketel One, my syrup and the lemonades from Mistelhain to 20 bars and asked for their participation.

The idea is to put a cocktail for charity on their menu and after two months, €1 of each sold drink goes to charity. In the packages, the bars could also find information about this project and instructions on how to reproduce the syrup. For a garnish, I used small envelopes with seeds of rosemary. This way even guests can take a little bit of my cocktail home and do something for sustainability by planting and growing their own rosemary.

This initiative is called THE LIGHTHOUSE PROJECT. Sometimes it can get dark, and everybody needs a lighthouse at some point in their life. Everyone can make a small difference but we as a community can have a big impact.  

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The Lighthouse Project

Glassware: Highball
Garnish: Small envelope with rosemary seeds clipped to the side of the glass
Method: Build in glass.

50 ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
100 ml Mistelhain Bitterlemon
15 ml Rosemary syrup

To make Rosemary syrup:
- 300g sugar
- 300ml water
- 20g rosemary

1. Put everything in a pot over low heat
2. Stir until the sugar has dissolved
3. Let it rest for 30 minutes
4. Filter the syrup with a sieve"