29 April

The Bird Is The Word No.2 image

It's the Thesaurus' birthday

So we are drinking a...

The Bird Is The Word No.2

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A British physician named Peter Mark Roget signed off the preface to the first thesaurus of the modern era this day in 1852, his compendium of synonyms saving the day for writers and crossword-puzzle fans ever since.

An obsessive-compulsive workaholic and list-maker, Roget started work on his masterpiece in 1805 and would put it through 28 more editions before his death in 1869. If you, like us, have ever struggled for the right word, Roget's Thesaurus is one innovation that deserves appreciation.

Why not do so with The Bird Is the Word? This grappa-based take on the Prohibition-era cocktail known as The Last Word showcases the herbal notes of Green Chartreuse.

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