28 July

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Peruvian Independence Day

So we are drinking a...

Pisco Punch (Difford's recipe)

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The next couple of days are huge in Peru as the nation gets two days off work to commemorate the country’s liberation from the Spanish empire. On this day in 1821 General José de San Martín proclaimed Peru’s independence.

This extraordinary man, Argentinian by birth, had studied in Spain, taken part in the Peninsular Wars and then returned to South America for a whirlwind liberation campaign that crossed South America and included the liberation of Chile. Any day is a good day to drink a Pisco Punch, a cocktail based on the brandy named for a Peruvian town, but today is the perfect day. The early origins of this cocktail are shrouded in mystery but it makes a firm appearance in San Francisco in 1853 at the Bank Exchange bar. Our Pisco Punch adds cloves.

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