9 September

Chrysanthemum Day


So we are drinking a...


If you're Chinese, today is a remarkably lucky day. In Chinese, 9/9 is pronounced "jiu-jiu", which sounds like "long-long" or "for a very long time", so the number 9, thanks to its pronunciation, is associated with longevity and eternality. Hence, an especially auspicious date for couples to get married - back on 9 September 2009, tens of thousands of Chinese couples rushed to tie the knot.

Today is also Chrysanthemum Day (Kiku no Sekku) in Japan. The chrysanthemum has long been a symbol of the Emperor of Japan who occupies the Chrysanthemum Throne.

The Chrysanthemum Day celebration, which dates back to 910, is closely related to the Double Ninth Festival. Before Japan adopted the Gregorian calendar, Chrysanthemum Day was celebrated on the 9th day of the 9th lunar month, hence with the introduction of the new calendar, this became 9th September.

So, dressed to the nines, as befits such a celebration, (especially if you're attending one of the numerous weddings today,) we'll be sipping on a Chrysanthemum cocktail and remembering how lucky we are to be doing so.

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