21 September

International Day of Peace

White Lady Cocktail

So we are drinking a...

White Lady Cocktail

Today is World Peace Day. An occasion, according to the UN, to work towards peace in the world, when warring parties from Afghanistan to Syria should put down their weapons – if only. It's also a day for a Day of Ceasefire to make peace in your own relationships.

So if any of you lot are currently slinging grenades at your dearly beloved from behind the communal sofa (or have simply been forced to retire to it at night), now is the time to take a step forward and make the peace. Peace folk also recommend lighting a candle, or sitting in silent meditation. We will be meditating on a White Lady, an aptly-named drink, and enjoying the resulting inner peace.

The Hobbit's birthday

Nobody, least of all the middle-aged English professor and philologist who wrote it, would have predicted that The Hobbit (or its three-part sequel, Lord of the Rings) would have the impact it did - particularly at the time when it came out, this day in 1937.

Today, Tolkien repeatedly ranks among the all-time greats of English literature in popular surveys and the film has brought The Hobbit to a whole new generation of fans. Tolkien's hobbits enjoyed the finer things in life: beer for everyday occasions, and red wine for special guests, plus fresh berries from the farmland. So in honour of the book's anniversary, we are enjoying a combination of berries and red wine: a Cobbled Raspberry Cocktail.

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