6 September

From Plymouth to… Plymouth

So we are drinking a...

The Mayflower Martini

The Mayflower first set sail for America on around 5 August 1620, yet her partner ship, the Speedwell, sprang a leak.

A couple of weeks later, both Speedwell and Mayflower set out again, only for the Speedwell to prove unseaworthy yet again. Finally, on 6 September the Mayflower embarked from Plymouth, England, on an epic voyage that would terminate in Plymouth, Massachusetts - without the Speedwell. Some of the Speedwell's passengers had squeezed on board the Mayflower, while others had given up and gone home.

In honour of those first few Pilgrims, who fled a religiously intolerant Europe for a new land and freedom, we are drinking the Mayflower Martini, not actually a true Martini, it is a floral, juicy blend of orchard fruit and flowers.

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