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Chicken Boy Appreciation Day image
1st September

Chicken Boy Appreciation Day

This unofficial national day celebrates a well-known landmark on Route 66 that has been described as the Statue of Liberty of Los Angeles. Chicken Boy

World Coconut Day image
2nd September

World Coconut Day

The name coconut comes from 'coco', the Portuguese word for head or skull, and despite the name, is a fruit rather than a nut.

Lionheart Crowned image
3rd September

Lionheart Crowned

Crowned king of England in Westminster Abbey today in 1189, Richard I spent no more than about six months in the country he ruled for a decade.

Web star incorporated image
4th September

Web star incorporated

The internet's number one site, a tech behemoth beyond compare, as Google continues to grow and dominate so many aspects of the world we live in, it could

Facial hair taxed image
5th September

Facial hair taxed

Governments are good at taxing their citizens, but the Russian tsar Peter the Great has to take the prize. On this day in 1698, he introduced a beard tax.

Porn Star Martini Day image
6th September

Porn Star Martini Day

What would be the most befitting date in the year for such an auspicious event as Porn Star Martini Day? The answer, with every possible pun intended,

Brazilian Independence Day image
7th September

Brazilian Independence Day

You don't get much more Brazilian - at least above the waist - than a Caipirinha, the national spirit (cachaça) pounded with lime and sugar, and served

International Literacy Day image
8th September

International Literacy Day

Today is the day when UNESCO calls our minds to focus on literacy. Now, given you're reading this, this is clearly not an issue for you - you can probably

An auspicious day image
9th September

An auspicious day

If you're Chinese, today is a remarkably lucky day. In Chinese, 9/9 is pronounced jiu-jiu, which sounds like long-long or for a very long time, so the

Arnold Palmer's Birthday image
10th September

Arnold Palmer's Birthday

Golf legend Arnold Palmer was born in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, on this day in 1929 - he would go on to become one of the most successful sportsmen of all

Anniversary of 9/11 image
11th September

Anniversary of 9/11

Today's date is a particularly sad one. It is the 20th anniversary of 9/11, when Saudi terrorists affiliated to Osama Bin Laden and al Qaeda hijacked four

Potentially devastating idea image
12th September

Potentially devastating idea

On this day in 1933, a physicist named Leo Szilard was standing at the traffic lights where Russell Square joins Southampton Row in London. The lights

National Cachaça Day image
13th September

National Cachaça Day

September 13th is celebrated as Dia Nacional da Cachaça (National Cachaça Day) in Brazil so by extension also in other countries, although this should

Gibson's birthday image
14th September

Gibson's birthday

You don't have to be a fan of pickled onions to enjoy a Gibson Dry Martini, a classic Dry Martini garnished with two cocktail onions in place of the classic

International Dot Day image
15th September

International Dot Day

Today is about making your mark as part of a global celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration.

Mexican Independence Day image
16th September

Mexican Independence Day

Mexico is a truly incredible country, and not just because they produce some of the world's most complex and delicious spirits. From the green agave dotted

Jim Morrison misbehaves image
17th September

Jim Morrison misbehaves

Ed Sullivan wasn't afraid to showcase young talent on his American TV show, having previously created overnight superstars, including the Beatles and Elvis

National Hospitality Day image
18th September

National Hospitality Day

In the UK, today is National Hospitality Day, a celebration of the nation's pubs, bars, coffee shops, restaurants and hotels, and the folk in these venues

The Emoticon's birthday image
19th September

The Emoticon's birthday

If you’re a user of emoticons, or even the humble :-) or :-( then you'll want to give Professor Scott E. Fahlman a big warm ({}), the emoticon for hug,

Rum Punch Day image
20th September

Rum Punch Day

Whether you're a collector of antique punch bowls, a fully-fledged punch anorak, or just a casual dabbler, the original spirits-based mixed drink, punch,

World Paloma Day image
21st September

World Paloma Day

It's Paloma's birthday and World Paloma Day, which both fall on this day, incredibly apt as it's also International Day of Peace.

World Carfree Day image
22nd September

World Carfree Day

Today is World Carfree Day, a time to opt out of the vehicle and brave public transport, cycle or even walk to wherever you have to be. In some cities

Bi-Visibility Day image
23rd September

Bi-Visibility Day

Today is Bi Visibility Day, also known as International Celebrate Bisexuality Day.

National Punctuation Day image
24th September

National Punctuation Day

America seems to have a 'national day' to celebrate pretty much everything and as we write what you read on this website, we thought it fitting that we

One-Hit Wonder Day image
25th September

One-Hit Wonder Day

Today's National One-Hit Wonder Day was established in 1990 by the American music journalist Steven Rosen.

Concorde's Atlantic crossing anniversary image
26th September

Concorde's Atlantic crossing anniversary

Oh Concorde! How we miss you. On this day in 1973, Concorde slashed the transatlantic air-crossing record, making the journey between Washington and Paris

World Tourism Day image
27th September

World Tourism Day

Although we have yet to turn our clocks back, we are a few days past the autumn equinox and summer is, astronomically speaking, firmly over. We don't know

World Rabies Day image
28th September

World Rabies Day

Rabies is one of the world's most fatal diseases causing thousands of deaths every year and World Rabies Day is aimed at spreading awareness and advice

Zsa Zsa goes down image
29th September

Zsa Zsa goes down

If Zsa Zsa Gabor didn't exist, you'd have to invent her. Creator of such peerless lines as I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back and

Farewell, James Dean image
30th September

Farewell, James Dean

An icon of the 1950s, whose roles were the very embodiment of teenage disillusionment, James Dean died on this day at the age of just 24.