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The Takamaka Rum story

Takamaka rum is made at the Trois Freres Distillery on Mahé, the largest island in The Seychelles, a tropical country of 115 islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Established in 2002 by brothers Richard and Bernard d'Offay and their dad, Robert. The distillery's name, Trois Freres, means three brothers as although only two brothers work in the distillery, Robert and Diana d'Offay have three sons. Trois Freres is also the name of three prominent mountains on the island. The distillery is much better known as the Takamaka, the name of its rum brand inspired by the name of a picturesque local bay and a local species of tree.

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The Trois Frères Distillery is housed on what was a tropical spice plantation, La Plaine St André, which dates from the 1700s and is a national heritage site. The d'Offay family was granted a lease for the property and restored it over a period of two and half years and the work included the establishment of a distillery.


Due to a desire to reduce packaging waste and single-use glass bottles in The Seychelles, the d'Offay family were early adopters of the ecoSpirits system and have installed one of the closed-loop systems at their La Plaine St Andre distillery. Instead of glass bottles, many bars in The Seychelles now take delivery of Takamaka's rums in these reusable purpose-made bulk containers.

Travel retail

If you visit Seychelles International Airport you can't help but notice Takamaka due to the 330 Sqm standalone travel retail space showcasing Takamaka rums.

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Takamaka Rum Distillery (Trois Frères Distillery)

Status: Operational
Established: 2002
Visitor Policy: Visitors welcome throughout the year
Tel: +248 428 3737
Website: Takamaka Rum Distillery (Trois Frères Distillery)
Address: La Plaine St. Andre, E Coast Road, Anse Royale
Takamaka Overproof Rum image

Takamaka Overproof Rum

Part of Takamaka's Seychelles Series, this 69% alc./vol. overproof rum Takamaka's flagship Rum Blanc white rum (a blend of column and pot still molasses-based

Takamaka Grankaz image

Takamaka Grankaz

A blend of pot-distilled Seychelles cane rum aged in medium toast new French oak blended with Seychelles 3-year-old ex-bourbon molasses rum and 8-year-old

Takamaka Pti Lakaz image

Takamaka Pti Lakaz

Pot-distilled Seychelles cane rum from four different barrels - including two port-seasoned casks - is blended with pot and column distilled molasses rum

Takamaka Koko Coconut Rum Liqueur image

Takamaka Koko Coconut Rum Liqueur

A white rum (made from a blend of pot and column distilled molasses-based rums) infused with coconut extract.

Takamaka Dark Spiced Rum image

Takamaka Dark Spiced Rum

Part of Takamaka's Seychelles Series, this Dark Spiced Rum is a blend of unaged columns and pot still rum with natural essences including vanilla, papaya

Takamaka Rum Blanc image

Takamaka Rum Blanc

This molasses-based unaged light white rum is a blend of mostly column still rum (distilled up to 94% alc.vol.) and high-ester pot still rum diluted to

Takamaka Rum Zenn image

Takamaka Rum Zenn

Part of Takamaka's Seychelles Series, Rum Zenn is unaged rum made from a blend of pot and column distilled rums that have been pressed with fines of oak

Takamaka St Andre Extra Noir image

Takamaka St Andre Extra Noir

Made by distilling fermented molasses in a column still to 94% alc./vol. blended with some high ester pot still rum with an element infused a 1,000-litre

Takamaka Zannannan Pineapple Rum Liqueur image

Takamaka Zannannan Pineapple Rum Liqueur

Takamaka Zannannan is a rum-based pineapple liqueur from the beautiful island of Mahe in Seychelles.

Takamaka Zepis Kreol image

Takamaka Zepis Kreol

Zepis Kreol is based on a blend of pot and column distilled molasses rums, macerated with locally grown Seychelles spices before being pressed with ex-merlot

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