Royal Oak Distillery


Clorusk Lower
County Carlow
Ireland (Eire)

Status: Operational

Established: 2016

Owner: I.L.L.V.A. Saronno Holding S.p.A.

Capacity: 2,000,000 litres

Visitor Policy: Visitors welcome throughout the year

Tel: +353 59 918 6653

Unusually, the Royal Oak Distillery produces all four styles of Irish whiskey: pot, malt, grain and blended. The distillery became operational in March 2016 and boasts a set of three pot stills (wash, intermediate and sprit) and a five-column still. Locally sourced barley, both malted and unmalted is triple pot distilled to produce single pot still whiskey and single malt whiskey. Wheat is distilled using the column still to produce single grain whiskey.

The distillery takes its name from the nearby Royal Oak village, in turn, named after Royaloak. The distillery was formally named Walsh Whiskey Distillery but changed its name in January 2019 when it was fully acquired by the Italian company, Illva Saronno famous for its Disarrono liqueur (previously an investor).