World Class

World Class

World Class is the largest and most prestigious bartending competition the world’s bar industry has seen. However, World Class is much more than a mere cocktail competition.

The top 20 in World Class GB 2019 have been announced. Take a look at the list here. These bartenders will now be competing for the coveted title of GB World Class Bartender of the Year in June. Good luck to all!

In preparation, UK-wide studio sessions held throughout February and March enabled experts to impart their knowledge to groups of potential World Class bartenders of all abilities. Designed to inspire bartenders and provide them with information on prevailing bartending topics including nurturing skills and preparing attendees for the competition.

Reserve Brands is the part of Diageo tasked with nurturing the company’s premium brands so by default they operate in the higher echelons of our industry. It is the good folk at Reserve who are behind World Class. They see this as a vehicle “developed to educate and inspire bartending talent to create exceptional cocktails, service and experiences.”

By encouraging and supporting the improvement of bartending standards around the world, the rationale is that better bartending will lead to better drinks and so offer a better opportunity for their luxury brands. Presently World Class operates in some 50 countries and bartenders from all these markets are invited to participate.

Many hundreds of bartenders compete in each country and concludes with one winner. Continuing with the Olympic analogy, that winner, the World Class Bartender of the Year, is best compared to the winner of the decathlon due to the number of different bartending disciplines tested.

Winning a national World Class final is a career changing achievement. Being crowned the global World Class Bartender of the Year is life changing.

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