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Jerry "The Professor" Thomas
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Blue Blazer image

Blue Blazer

The showy way to make a simple hot whisky punch.

Japanese Cocktail image

Japanese Cocktail

Lightly sweetened and diluted cognac flavoured with almond and a hint of spice.

Tom & Jerry image

Tom & Jerry

A warming and filling winter's meal in itself. This recipe will fill six small toddy glasses or Tom & Jerry mugs (each 20cl capacity to brim), and given

Gin Cocktail image

Gin Cocktail

Bready genever with a hint of orange curaçao adding flavour and the merest touch of sweetness balancing Boker's Bitters. If you don't have Boker's to

Saratoga Cocktail image

Saratoga Cocktail

This brandy-influenced Sweet Manhattan is best mixed by throwing and enjoyed when the odd bubble still rests on its surface.

Sherry Cobbler image

Sherry Cobbler

This age old cocktail is said to have been the drink for which the waxed paper straw was invented. To quote Harry Johnson, from his 1882 Bartender's Manual,

Cold Whisky Punch image

Cold Whisky Punch

A balanced – not sweet, nor sour or strong – refreshing short whisky cocktail.

Improved Brandy Cocktail image

Improved Brandy Cocktail

Yes, yes, I know modern convention calls for this cocktail to be stirred but Jerry Thomas stipulates to shake it and it's much improved by shaking. Shake

Ruby Punch image

Ruby Punch

Arrack provides the funky spirituous base, port adds rich fruitiness, tea lengthens and adds bitter tannins, while sugar and lemon balance each other with

Gin Daisy #2 (Jerry Thomas style) image

Gin Daisy #2 (Jerry Thomas style)

The rich style of genever combines wonderfully with orange liqueur in this balanced classic.

Prince of Wales Punch image

Prince of Wales Punch

Fruity yet complex with the oak maturation of both spirits and liqueurs adding depth of flavour.

White Lion image

White Lion

Adapted from the first-known appearance of this recipe in Jerry Thomas' 1862 The Bar-tenders Guide and then repeated in his 1876 and 1887 editions. Jerry

St. Charles Punch image

St. Charles Punch

The classic randy – port and brandy combo – with tart freshening lemon balanced with a touch of sugar.

Absinthe Cocktail (Jerry Thomas) image

Absinthe Cocktail (Jerry Thomas)

This aniseed-flavoured mix tastes surprisingly tame but includes a shot of the notorious green fairy.

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