New Orleans Gin Fizz

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New Orleans Gin Fizz image

Σερβίρεται σε:

Collins glass...
fl oz Tanqueray Old Tom gin
½ fl oz Χυμός λεμονιού
½ fl oz Χυμός από lime
¾ fl oz Σιρόπι ζάχαρης (2:1) (2 μέρη ζάχαρης σε 1 μέρος νερού)
fl oz Νερό από άνθη πορτοκαλιάς
1 fl oz Ασπράδι αυγού
1 fl oz Κρέμα
απογεμίστε με Σόδα από σιφόν
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Πώς φτιάχνεται:

1. Vigorously SHAKE first 7 ingredients with ice and pour back into shaker. DRY SHAKE (without ice) and fine strain into chilled glass (no ice in glass). TOP with soda water from siphon.

ALTERNATIVELY, 2. Flash BLEND first 7 ingredients without ice (to emulsify mix). Then pour contents of blender into shaker and SHAKE with ice. Strain into chilled glass (no ice in glass) and TOP with soda from siphon.


Lemon slice & mint sprig


The full flavour of Old Tom gin adds an extra dimension to this classic Gin Fizz. Indeed, it is probably the original Gin Fizz.

Οι ρίζες του:

Said to be the original name and recipe of the Ramos Gin Fizz, created in 1888 by Henry C. Ramos at the Imperial Cabinet Saloon on the corner of Gravier and Carondelet Streets in New Orleans. Today, a New Orleans Gin Fizz is made with Old Tom gin while a Ramos Gin Fizz is made with London Dry gin. While today’s Ramos Gin Fizz always has added rose water and sometimes vanilla essence, the New Orleans Gin Fizz usually relies on the use of Old Tom gin for its flavour nuances.

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