Blushing Mimosa

Blushing Mimosa image

Σερβίρεται σε:

Goblet glass...
3 fl oz Brut σαμπάνια
2 fl oz Φυσικός χυμός από πορτοκάλι
1 fl oz Χυμός από ανανά
fl oz Giffard Sirop Grenadine (Grenadine Syrup)
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Πώς φτιάχνεται:

POUR half the champagne into chilled glass, then orange juice, pineapple juice and the rest of the champagne. Finally pour pomegranate syrup/grenadine in to glass and allow to sink through cocktail.


Small pineapple wedge


A mix of fruit juice and champagne with a sweet pomegranate syrup surprise in the bottom of the glass.

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Approximately £0.00 per cocktail *

* price per cocktail is an estimate based on the cost of making one cocktail with the above selected ingredients.

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