Daiquiri cocktail

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Riffs & variations

Κείμενο Simon Difford

Classically, the Daiquiri is a simple three-ingredient cocktail: rum (spirit), lime (sour), sugar (sweet), and water (dilution) presented in perfect harmony. But this simplicity makes it easy to modify by swapping the sweet element, the sour element, using different rums, and/or adding another adding another spirit altogether.

Banana Daiquiri (shaken) image

Banana Daiquiri (shaken)

Perhaps better named a Sour Banoffee Daiquiri – what's not to like?

Bella Donna Daiquiri image

Bella Donna Daiquiri

Back in 2003, this was the hit cocktail for Difford's Guide staff at the Bellagio, Las Vegas, after working at the Nightclub & Bar Beverage Convention.

Cardamom Daiquiri image

Cardamom Daiquiri

A charcoal-filtered light rum works best as more full-bodied rums simply don't sit well with the cardamon. Hit the right balance with the right rum and

Chiclet Daiquiri image

Chiclet Daiquiri

A wonderfully refreshing drink on a summer's day with surprisingly subtle flavours.

Florida Daiquiri image

Florida Daiquiri

This classic blend of rum, lime and sugar, but with a hint of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and maraschino. A user-friendly version of a Hemingway

Melba Cocktail image

Melba Cocktail

This would be better named, Melba Daiquiri, as it is a Swedish punsch, absinthe, and grenadine influenced Daiquiri. I've dramatically changed the equal

Passion Fruit Daiquiri image

Passion Fruit Daiquiri

The rum character comes through in this tropically fruity cocktail.

Triple Daiquiri image

Triple Daiquiri

Cachaça (not slickly speaking a rum) adds distinctive grassy notes to this three 'rum' Daiquiri. Try swapping out the cachaça for rhum agricole and indeed

Christmas Daiquiri image

Christmas Daiquiri

Fruit,y rum-laced, cleansing citrus with delicate Christmassy spice.

Black Daiquiri image

Black Daiquiri

More deep golden amber than black in appearance, this Daquiri takes its name from the black rum (well, dark brown rum) it's made with. Pungent rum notes

Four W Daiquiri image

Four W Daiquiri

The oomph of rum, the sourness of grapefruit and the richness of maple syrup, all aromatised by bitters.

Islay Daiquiri image

Islay Daiquiri

An aged rum Daiquiri with smoky Islay whisky mellowed by rich honey.

Nuclear Daiquiri image

Nuclear Daiquiri

Ένα πολύ έντονο ποτό

Daiquiri Elixir image

Daiquiri Elixir

Freshly pressed sugar cane syrup and the French elixir, Chartreuse, add complexity to the classic Daiquiri.

Dry Daiquiri image

Dry Daiquiri

Passion fruit syrup is powerful stuff and a little goes a long way in this drink.

French Daiquiri image

French Daiquiri

A classic Daiquiri made fruity with the addition of black raspberry liqueur and pineapple juice.

Honey Daiquiri image

Honey Daiquiri

Rich flavoursome honey replaces sugar syrup in this natural Daiquiri. Try experimenting with different kinds of honey. We favour orange blossom honey.

Aged Honey Daiquiri image

Aged Honey Daiquiri

Το μέλι αντικαθιστά την ζάχαρη σε αυτή την παραλλαγή του κλασικού Daiquiri. Μπορείτε να

More Supreme Daiquiri image

More Supreme Daiquiri

The grassy oaky favours of aged rhum agricole sit well with the fresh lime and bittersweet liqueur.

Santa Marta Daiquiri image

Santa Marta Daiquiri

Αυτή η προσθήκη του Kirsch προσθέτει υπέροχα φρουτώδη αρώματα στο κατά τα άλλα κλασικό

Witches' Daiquiri image

Witches' Daiquiri

Aniseed, sweet almond and delicate spice subtly influence this tasty Daiquiri.