MacElhone bought Europe's oldest cocktail bar this day image

MacElhone bought Europe's oldest cocktail bar this day

On this day in 1923, Harry MacElhone finally achieved his dream and bought the New York Bar on 5 Rue Daunou, Paris, where he had worked more than a decade

Pisco Sour (Difford's recipe) image

Pisco Sour (Difford's recipe)

All the Peruvian bartenders I've met prefer their Pisco Sours blended rather than shaken. Indeed, it is a brilliant cocktail when blended but I prefer

ONIS glassware image

ONIS glassware

Made by Leerdam Crisal Glass, the ONIS glassware range is designed specifically for the hospitality industry and many of these glasses benefit from Xtratuff

Frank Lloyd Wright image

Frank Lloyd Wright

An Old Fashioned-style cocktail with pear and walnut liqueurs along with a touch of peated malt whisky.

Negronic image


A cocktail which Robert Simonson, the creator's partner, aptly describes as Negroni crossed with a Gin & Tonic. It is surprisingly delicious with the bitter

Atonement image


Quinquina and spirituous spice from the whiskey and run balance the rich notes of the raisiny sherry and particularly the nutty orgeat. Dilution also seems

Cab Calloway image

Cab Calloway

A sherry-forward, rye whiskey-laced aperitivo with delicate rich apricot.

Bronx cocktail image

Bronx cocktail

One of the classic cocktails named after New York's five boroughs, probably more directly after the then newly opened Bronx Zoo. There are numerous variations

20 best Blood red orange cocktails image

20 best Blood red orange cocktails

You may have thought that winter months in the northern hemisphere were confined to the likes of cauliflowers, leeks and brussels sprouts but it's also

World’s Top 100 Cocktails image

World’s Top 100 Cocktails

We have over 5,400 cocktails on Difford's Guide but these were the 100 most viewed during 2022.

The rum life of Stephen Remsberg image

The rum life of Stephen Remsberg

Back in January 2016, this was my debut article for Difford's Guide. It was fitting for Stephen Remsberg to be my first profile, as Stephen was first among

Laphroaig image


For years distillers and bartenders have struggled to express how their world of liquid and drinks fits in with the larger, more celebrated domain of food.

World's top 100 cocktails image

World's top 100 cocktails

We have over 5,400 cocktails on Difford's Guide but these were the 100 most viewed during 2022.

Mule-mosa image


A Mimosa given a 'kick' and made more interesting by a splash of intense ginger liqueur – hence the Mule in the name.

Banoffee Espresso Martini image

Banoffee Espresso Martini

A vodka Espresso Martini with the banana and toffee flavours found in the eponymous dessert.

Minnie the Moocher image

Minnie the Moocher

Spirit-forward and just on the rich side, this late-night sipper delivers satisfying botanical complexity. If you're after a slightly larger serve suited

Mezcal Dante image

Mezcal Dante

Some of the biggest flavours on the back bar are corralled, tamed and made to play together nicely to produce an assertive but very quaffable cocktail.

Matejcek 3-2-1 Manhattan image

Matejcek 3-2-1 Manhattan

A rye-based Perfect Manhattan with an optional lift from maraschino syrup.

Clergyman's Lapse image

Clergyman's Lapse

Reminiscent of a Last Word and inspired by a Missionary's Downfall.

Marigny image


Spirituous, sour, balanced and delicious with herbal notes, two brandies, and citrus freshness.