Six Fresh Watermelon Cocktails To Keep Summer Going

Words by Jane Ryan

Six Fresh Watermelon Cocktails To Keep Summer Going image 1

Watermelon cocktails shout summer. Here's six of the best drinks using a variety of fresh fruit, watermelon syrup and watermelon liqueur.

The time-saving hack to any watermelon cocktail, and a way to avoid flavourless, out-of-season fruit, is to enjoy the fresh and juicy flavour without all the trouble of cutting up a soccer ball-sized fruit. To do this, you can use MONIN watermelon syrup, which is loaded with those luscious flavours, packaged up in bottle-form.

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Jalapeno-infused pisco, Monin watermelon syrup, lime juice and egg white.
We say: With a whole measure of watermelon syrup, you may expect this cocktail to be on the sweet side. Instead, it is beautifully balanced with delicate jalapeno heat.

ency 99 image

Fresh watermelon, tequila, Monin watermelon syrup, lime juice and salt.
We say: Just as it says on the tin – this is a very fruity Margarita.

ency 100 image

Vodka, watermelon liqueur, lime juice, Monin watermelon syrup, lemon-lime soda.
We say: A fresh, long and summery drink that's on the sweeter side for those looking for a bright kick of confected watermelon flavour.

ency 10 image

Fresh watermelon, vodka, Campari, lemon juice, Monin pure cane sugar syrup and orange bitters.
We say: Light, refreshing and all too quaffable. Campari and orange bitters add depth of flavour and, with a full 20ml of sugar, surprisingly balanced.

ency 60 image

Fresh watermelon, basil leaves, gin and Monin pure cane sugar syrup.
We say:Refreshing watermelon with interesting herbal hints from the basil and gin.

ency 68 image

Rum, maple syrup, fresh watermelon, fresh pineapple, lemon juice and pilsner lager.
We say: Who’d have thought watermelon, pineapple, beer, rum, maple syrup and lemon would work so well together? Unusual and refreshing.

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