22 April

Earth Day

Green Swizzle

So we are drinking a...

Green Swizzle

Earth Day is probably the biggest event in the green calendar. More than a billion people, in 190 countries, take part each year. Which is an impressive rise from its humble beginnings in 1970, a day of engagement that helped produce the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Acts.

Unsurprisingly, today is all about climate change and sustainability, in its many guises, from polar bears threatened by receding ice to farmers watching their land morphing into desert.

It's easy to perform one green act today: take the bike instead of the car, plant a tree, change your light bulbs and electrical divices to be more energy-efficient, switch to more sustainable consumables [10 alternatives to plastic straws], or volunteer to clean up your community.

Once you're done, reward yourself with a suitably green cocktail, the Green Swizzle. This lightly minty Daiquiri-style affair was a Trinidadian speciality as far back as the 1920s, when P. G. Wodehouse's Bertie Wooster enjoyed several at a Planter's Bar. Or, opt for the most sustainable beverage, a beer brewed locally, ideally within walking distance, made from locally grown barley and hops. For us that's a Rother Valley Hoppers Ale or a Three Legs Session IPA

National Jelly Bean Day

The 22nd of April is also "National Jelly Bean Day". We have America to thank for this celebration of the multicoloured bean-shaped sugar candies, where since the 1930s they have been linked to Easter due to their egg-like shape.

We are celebrating national Jelly Bean Day with handfuls of the moreish sweets between sips of a drink we discovered back in 2002 at London's Hush, the a Jelly Belly Beany. And we've compiled a colection of other candy cocktails.

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