20 May

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It's World Whisky Day & Levi Jeans' birthday

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Cold Whisky Punch

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It seems, like buses, whisky days come along in threes - early February is International Scotch Day (dates change each year), while 27th July is National Scotch Day, but today’s World Whisky Day is the big one – so obviously deserves an extra large dram to celebrate.

Why today - who knows, or cares, but the actual date changes each year as this excuse to dram sensibly falls on the third Saturday in May each year. We'll be celebrating with a cold refreshing Whisky Punch. Or you may prefer one of our 12 favourite scotch whisky cocktails.

It's also Levi Jeans' birthday

Fashion history was made today in 1873 when Levi Strauss and his business partner, Jacob Davis, received a patent from the USA patent office giving them exclusive rights to strengthen working men's trousers with metal rivets.

This act, a response to a customer who kept ripping the pockets of his trousers, transformed hard-wearing denim trousers, which had been around for years, into the items we know today as jeans. And it led, inevitably, over the years to a range of fashion statements from snow wash jeans to skinny jeans via the starlet's favourite white denim, the muffin-top and camel-toe abomination known as "jeggings", fluoro colours and, oh dear god, pink jeans on men.

We are raising a toast with a cocktail rather younger than the jean: a Rusty Nail. And, whether you like your jeans blue, black or even, heaven forfend, pink, we recommend you join us. Or you may, like our good friend Jacob Briars, use the excuse to celebrate with a blue drink such as a Gun Metal Blue Cocktail, or his own signature Corpse Reviver No. Blue.

It's the anniversary of the Moore Tornado

This day in 2013, a category five tornado swept through the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, killing more than 20 people, including children in their classroom, and injuring almost 400.

Can we blame climate change? Well, climate change does have an impact on tornadoes. But, according to the Climate Change Assessment, where Americans are seeing climate change is in other areas.

Floods, whether caused by torrential rain or, in Alaska, by the sea consuming coastline that is no longer protected by ice, are becoming more common. Drought is an increasing risk. And bushfires are burning faster and longer.

Cheery stuff, all round. And Britain, too, is apparently becoming rainier - or at least the north is. We are lifting our spirits with a Brainstorm (definitely not a rainstorm). Cheers!

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