Crafting the rhum
Crafting the rhum

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How Rhum Clément is made

Rhum Clément is a rhum agricole – i.e., it is distilled from fermented, freshly harvested sugar cane juice (not molasses). Importantly, Rhum Clément is made in accordance with the regulations of the Rhum Agricole Appellation Martinique Contrôlee.

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Production starts with sugar cane grown on Rhum Clément's own fields in Martinique.

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During the harvest period, between February and June, the harvesting is by a machine that trims the unwanted tops off and cuts the cane just above ground level.

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The cut cane is collected from the fields.

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And loaded into large trucks that make the short drive across the island to the distillery.

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The freshly cut sugarcane is crushed to extract its juice, called 'vesou'.

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The vesou is fermented for 24 to 36 hours in open-air vats to produce a sugar cane wine called 'grappe'.

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The grappe is distilled at 75° maximum (according to the AOC rules) in order to preserve the sugarcane natural aromas.

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As well as being made from fresh cane juice (not molasses), Rhum Clément is also set apart from other rums by its slow hydration. After leaving the still at 74% alc./vol. the strength is slowly reduced in stages of 5% alc./vol.. This process takes 2-3 months but is said to lead to a more balanced rum.

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The majority of Rhum Clément is bottled as "blanc rhum agricole" without maturation in oak but a proportion is aged in both vats and casks to become Élevé Sous Bois (1 year) rhum Agricole or Vieux (min 3 years old) rhum Agricole. The very best casks are set aside to be bottled as Hors d'âge and Vintage rhum agricole.

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Rhum Clément

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