Heaven Hill Distilleries Inc.


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Status Operational
Established: 1935
Owner: Heaven Hill
Capacity: Not supplied
Visitor Policy: Visitors welcome throughout the year
Tel: +1 502 337 1000
Website: http://www.heaven-hill.com
The Heaven Hill company was established in 1935 by the five Shapira brothers, who named their new enterprise after William Heavenhill, a former owner of the distillery site, said to have been born under a nearby waterfall in 1783 during an Indian attack. The distillery remains under the management of the founding family.


1311 Gilkey Run Road
Nelson County
United States
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Originally known as ‘Old Heavenhill Springs’ distillery, Heaven Hill, was established in 1935 by a group of Bardstown-area investors, including the five Shapira brothers, David, Ed, Gary, George and Mose. Prohibition had recently ended and they sought to produce and market bourbon and American whiskeys.

During the 1990s Heaven Hill diversified its portfolio, acquiring brands and moving into other areas beside whiskey, such as gin, vodka and liqueurs.

Today, Heaven Hill is the largest independent, family-owned and operated producer and marketer of distilled spirits in the USA and is thought to be sixth-largest spirits supplier in the United States with the second largest stocks of aging Bourbon whiskey with an inventory in excess of one million barrels.

Heaven Hill remains independent and controlled by the Shapira family.

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