Rebujito cocktail

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Soda limonada/Sprite/7-up
Jerez Fino


Copo Collins
Measuring jigger
Mixing glass
Bar spoon


68 calorias

Times, Seasons & Occasions

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Servir em

Copo Collins


Lemon and lime slices

Como fazer:

POUR ingredients into ice-filled glass and stir.

3 12 fl oz Soda limonada/Sprite/7-up
2 12 fl oz Jerez Fino


Dry characterful sherry with sweet zesty lemonade – a combo made for a hot summer’s day.


With equal parts fino sherry and soda or lemonade. Also made with manzanilla sherry in place of fino.


Named after the Spanish word 'arrebujar' meaning to mix, the recipe for a Rebujito changes from region to region in Spain and is often as simple as equal parts fino sherry and soda or equal parts fino sherry and Sprite or Seven-up. It is popular in Seville and the south of Spain, particularly during April’s Seville Fair (La feria de Abril).

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