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There are approximately 305 calories in one serving of Petanque cocktail.

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Serve in a

Coupe glass


Luxardo Maraschino cherry

How to make:

STIR all ingredients with ice and strain into chilled glass.

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The game this drink is named after is French while the main ingredients are Spanish and Italian, but they do play Pétanque in the Basque region of Spain. However, both the creator of this drink and the Peychaud's bitters used in it comes from the States - perhaps it took a non-European to bring these ingredients - fino sherry and amaretto - harmoniously together.


Adapted from a drink created in 2014 by Andrew Bohrer at Mistral Kitchen, Seattle, USA, and named after the French game where hollow metal balls are thrown as close as possible to a small wooden jack ball.

Andrew's original recipe calls for 2 shots of Toro Albalá Fino Eléctrico sherry but we thought 2½ shots of fino better balanced the rich amaretto.

Inspired by playing Petanque in France whilst sipping on pastis, we tried Andrew's original spec but with an additional float of absinthe. To be honest, we tried pastis first but the liquorice notes detracted from the drink. That float moved into the body of the drink and we believe this adds harmonious additional complexity. Hope you agree.

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