24 December

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It's Christmas Eve

So we are drinking a...

Chin Chin

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Today is, of course, Christmas Eve and it’s also, rather splendidly, the anniversary of the first time men orbited the moon.

Yes, the three brave astronauts of the Apollo 8 mission spent Christmas Eve 1968 circling the Moon no fewer than ten times, and capturing the iconic Earthrise photo to share with the rest of us. They were supplied with packaged turkey, gravy and cranberry sauce, but nothing by way of Christmas spirits, not even a bottle of champagne.

Unlike the Apollo 8 astronauts, may we recommend you start Christmas off with a bang with the Chin Chin? Combining those two seasonal favourites, Scotch whisky and champagne, with apple and a hint of honey, this very adult cocktail is Christmas in a glass.

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