19 March

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Sydney Harbour Bridge Opened Today

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Bridgetown Daiquiri

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Sydney Harbour Bridge (fondly known as “the Coathanger”) opened for public use today in 1932. The opening ceremony didn’t run quite as smoothly as imagined, though.

Just as the guy with the golden scissors was about to cut the ribbon and declare the bridge open, a man on horseback in military uniform galloped past him and slashed the ribbon with his sword.

To celebrate the opening, Australians put on some spectacular displays, including a Venetian carnival, marching bands, decorated floats and a procession of passenger ships. Most incredible, though, was the relay of children who carried to the bridge a note written by kids at a primary school over 500 kilometres (320 miles) away.

Celebrate the iconic bridge's birthday tonight by shaking up a Bridgetown Daiquiri.

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