23 May

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Today We Say Goodbye to Catherine of Aragon

So we are drinking a...

Bitter Lady

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Henry VIII: Renaissance Man, a lover of wine, women, song and jousting, a poet and a musician with the bad habit of ditching wives and breaking up churches.

The rot set in on this day in 1533 when he got rid of Catherine of Aragon by getting his marriage to her annulled. How must she have felt, knowing that by then he'd already been married to Anne Boleyn for four months? But then how must Anne Boleyn have felt when she was beheaded for treason three years later? And all Henry wanted was a son. Despite working his way through six wives, he achieved just one male heir, who died aged 15.

For all the poor women who crossed Henry's path, today we'll be drinking a Bitter Lady.

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