The Bon Vivant

Difford's Guide



Highball glass
Measuring jigger
Mixing glass
Bar spoon


There are approximately 138 calories in one serving of The Bon Vivant.
The Bon Vivant image

Serve in a

Highball glass


Orange slice

How to make:

POUR all ingredients into ice-filled glass and lightly stir.

1 12 fl oz Cognac VSOP
23 fl oz Martini Bitter Aperitivo
12 fl oz Noilly Prat Extra Dry
1 fl oz Three Cents Gentlemen's Soda

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By Thodoris Pirillos, A For Athens

“Which tattoos do I prefer? The anchors! It's a symbol of robustness, stability, devotion and consistency with one’s decisions. For me it is a symbol of great importance, and a notion I always try to implement in life. I always try to be the best I can in everything I do.

I will drop my anchor in Paris of the ’20s. At Harry's Bar I'll meet the exquisite bartender Harry MacElhone and his companions, a bunch of intellectual bon viveurs who call themselves “bar flies”, as their hobby is digging out the best bars around!

One of them, Erskine Gwynne, a writer and publisher of the monthly magazine Boulevardier, has created the namesake cocktail. It’s the cocktail I want to play with, binding it with the House of Hennessy − a House with a long heritage, and devotion and persistence in quality. I dedicate my cocktail to, who else?, the restless bon viveurs, of course.”

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