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Mint bitters
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A Lucky Roman Americano image

A Lucky Roman Americano

Created in 2017 by Luana Bosello in Italy. {quote[Luana Bosello, 2017]:One summer evening, I was in Rome, sitting in a downtown square. I was waiting for

Aristotle cocktail image

Aristotle cocktail

The thinking man's mixed drink, this is based on gin with the distinctive flavour of Greek mastiha and lengthened with birch water.

Emerald Manhattan image

Emerald Manhattan

An Irish whiskey-based Sweet Manhattan flavoured with a splash of minty emerald-coloured liqueur and peppermint bitters.

Fresh Martini image

Fresh Martini

The perfect digestif Martini. Mastiha and white crème de menthe - both renowned for their digestive properties - add cooling freshness to this wet, lightly

Luck of the Irish image

Luck of the Irish

Zippy, refreshing, herbal and cleansing. Best appreciated as an after-dinner digestive.

Minty Pentones cocktail image

Minty Pentones cocktail

Gin's botanical complexity combined with minty and mastiha freshness and a pink hint of cranberry fruitiness makes for a cleansing after-dinner digestif.

Minty White Lady cocktail image

Minty White Lady cocktail

White crème de menthe and peppermint bitters bring minty freshness to this lady in white.

Woody cocktail image

Woody cocktail

Named not after the cheery chap in Cheers or even the Beatles’ Norwegian Wood but due to this particularly Woody cocktail containing birch water and

Fresh White Lady cocktail image

Fresh White Lady cocktail

Mastiha and peppermint bitters bring minty freshness to this riff on the classic White Lady.

He's At Home image

He's At Home

LeNell's kind of drink and accompanying story. Other Chartreuse lover's should experiment.