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Harry Johnson
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Blackthorn No. 3 image

Blackthorn No. 3

As Robert Vermeire says in his 1922 Cocktails: How to Mix Them, The Blackthorn is a very old cocktail, which is made in two different ways. The most popular

East India No.1 image

East India No.1

A splash of floral red curaƧao, raspberry syrup and the merest touch of maraschino delicately flavour and slightly sweeten this spirit-forward brandy-based

Irish Cocktail image

Irish Cocktail

Stir well and strain into an icy cold glass and this subtly flavoured whiskey cocktail is a delicious way to chase a good evening.

Turf Club Cocktail (Johnson's recipe) image

Turf Club Cocktail (Johnson's recipe)

Despite the maraschino liqueur this Martini-style cocktail is dry and punchy.

Tuxedo Cocktail Original image

Tuxedo Cocktail Original

I've tried this recipe with 2 to 3 dashes of Angostura and also orange bitters, but I prefer it with 2 dashes of both aromatic (Angostura) and orange bitters,

Rhine Wine Cobbler image

Rhine Wine Cobbler

Light, fruity and very refreshing. A fruity alternative to a spritz.

Vermouth Cocktail image

Vermouth Cocktail

Well-balanced bitter-sweetness dominated by vermouth (hence the name) with faint maraschino but perhaps the most important ingredient is the most hidden,

Morning Cocktail image

Morning Cocktail

A short, sharp and very satisfying bracer to prequal a good meal, or indeed chase such a meal.

Dutch Martini image

Dutch Martini

A modern twist on the classic Dr Martini inspired by a vintage bartender. In his 1882 New and Improved Bartender's Manual Harry Johnson's Martini Cocktail

Whiskey Daisy No.2 image

Whiskey Daisy No.2

Light, fresh and fruity. Perfect for a summer's afternoon.

East India House image

East India House

Dry and challenging - rewarding for some.

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