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Coupe glass...
fl oz Cognac
½ fl oz Warre's Otima 10yo tawny port
½ fl oz Κρέμα
fl oz Σιρόπι από ζάχαρη Muscovado
1⅓ fl oz Fuller’s Chiswick Bitter
1 φρέσκο Αυγό (ασπράδι & κρόκος)
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SHAKE all ingredients with ice and strain back into shaker. DRY SHAKE without ice and fine strain into chilled glass.


Dust with freshly grated nutmeg


Full-bodied both describes this drink and how you’ll feel after consuming this very tasty meal of a drink.

Οι ρίζες του:

Adapted from a recipe created in 2015 by Markus Olsen at Ziloufs, Islington, London, England. Markus’ original recipe uses equal parts molasses syrup and simple syrup in place of Demerara sugar syrup.

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