Huckle my buff

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Toddy glass...
1 fresh Egg yolk
5 fl oz Harveys Porter 1859
1 fl oz Cognac
¼ fl oz King's Ginger Liqueur
¾ fl oz Demerara sugar syrup (2 sugar to 1 water)
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How to make:

Gently BLEND all ingredients on a slow speed then warm in a saucepan, gently stirring with a whisk (or microwave for 30 seconds and stir), then pour into warmed glass. If you make several servings in one batch, keep warm and serve from a sous-vide or heated soup kettle at to 60°C.


Freshly grated nutmeg


To quote Jamie Oliver, “the Huckle-my-buff is not a Dodo but a Phoenix”.


Our adaptation of a recipe presented by Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty on Friday 9th August 2013 at Simon Difford’s Cabinet Room in London as their entry to the diffordsguide Beer-tail Competition for London Cocktail Week 2013.

Also known as Huckle-my-butt and Huckle-and-buff, Huckle-my-buff is an early 18th century hot drink combining gin or cognac and beer. Jamie and Jimmy resurrected the Huckle-my-buff and gave it a modern twist with the use of nitrous oxide and a sous-vide in place of the traditional red-hot poker.

The Jamie and Jimmy recipe was as follows: whisk 1 fresh egg yolk then slowly whisk in 20 grams muscovado sugar, 35ml cognac, 150ml Harvey’s Stout beer and 0.8ml ginger juice. Pour mixture into a soda syphon, close and charge with nitrous oxide (laughing gas/N2O). Gently warm the filled cream whipper to 60°C in a sous-vide (water bath). Discharge warmed syphon into glass. Finish with freshly grated nutmeg.


232 calories

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