29 October

National Cat Day


So we are drinking a...


The purr-fect day for all the feline fans out there, National Cat Day originated in 2005, when US lifestyle writer Colleen Paige took it upon herself to raise awareness about the number of cats that need to be rescued each year.

Cats have been our companions for over a hundred thousand years and even held god and goddess status in Ancient Egypt. In fact, cats hold such a huge place in our hearts, that 24% of the UK population are cat owners and some cats hold their own celebrity status. Here are a few of our favourite famous felines:

Larry, the Downing Street cat - also known as Chief Mouser - won't be long before Larry takes the top spot at Number 10.

Colonel Meow - a rescue cat himself, Colonel Meow was an American Himalayan-Persian crossbreed who temporarily held the 2014 Guinness world record for the longest fur. His fur was sufficiently long that it needed brushing up to three times daily.

Casper the Commuter - adopted from a rescue centre in Dorset, Casper was featured on BBC News after riding the local bus lines to Plymouth city centre and back to the stop near where he lived. Casper even had a book written about him titled Casper the Commuting Cat, by Susan Finden.

Here at Difford towers, we have a couple of our own cats, Buck (so named because he's ginger and Bucks are made with either ginger beer or ginger ale) and Embury (named after the cocktail writer, David Embury). We'll be celebrating our cats and all felines out there with a Katinka. Although an Easy Tiger may be more appropriate.

Anniversary of The Wall Street Crash

This day in 1929 was known as Black Tuesday, the day when the US stock market lost over $14 billion in a single day, an event that most consider marks the beginning of the (first?) Great Depression.

Did Wall Street's finest leap from their windows, as many believe? Not as many as you would think. Though Winston Churchill witnessed a suicide the day after Black Tuesday, one man dragged from a window ledge to save him from suicide turned out to be a window cleaner.

While some of the city's great and good did turn to suicide in the aftermath of the crash, it's likely that many more turned to a restorative drink. We think a Cornwall Negroni would have been a fitting option.

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