Tatler's birthday image

Tatler's birthday

More than three hundred years ago today, the English publisher Richard Steele launched the first version of a society gossip and manners magazine that

Lucas Bols image

Lucas Bols

Bols was established in 1575 when the Bulsius family set up their distillery in Amsterdam, shortening their name to the more Dutch-sounding Bols. It is

Coquetéis para a Páscoa image

Coquetéis para a Páscoa

Quer melhor maneira de comemorar a Páscoa do que com chocolate, muitos deles em forma de ovos? E, por que não, com um coquetel?

White Monkey image

White Monkey

Pisco shines in this delightfully fresh cocktail that's mellowed by dairy rather than being creamy.

Bloody Bull image

Bloody Bull

A beefy Bloody Mary for those seeking a more hearty brunch cocktail. The addition of lemon juice and sugar to balance adds much to this cocktail, as does

Southern Border image

Southern Border

This cocktail's border is delineated by the line between the pisco-laced citrusy base and its foaming white head.

Jabroni image


Overripe banana delicately influences this tequila-based Negroni.

Adjournment image


A Dry Martini with a freshening zesty lemon burst, courtesy of limoncello. Don't let the generous splash of limoncello deceive you into thinking this is

Chancellor image


Complexo e sofisticado, com notas frutadas.

Apple Grass image

Apple Grass

Bison grass vodka and apple juice are a classic and tasty combo. Here, they are paired with ginger and spiced vanilla, freshened with lemon juice.

Difford’s Guide to Cocktails Book 17th Edition image

Difford’s Guide to Cocktails Book 17th Edition

Perhaps the world's biggest cocktail book! Certainly, our biggest yet, 624 pages, 6cm (2.3inch) thick and weighing 2.25kg (5lb). Our Seventeenth Edition

Cocktails in bars & cocktail menus image

Cocktails in bars & cocktail menus

A cocktail bar should offer great tasting, well-balanced cocktails made using quality ingredients and fresh juices but as the style of bars vary enormously,

Post Melon image

Post Melon

A Dry Daiquiri with fernet and watermelon syrup. Sounds crazy but I bet this is a cocktail you'll finish.

Fanciulli image


A Manhattan with extra bitters. While challenging for some, others will enjoy it as a delicious digestivo.

Meditation image


Sherry underpins this brilliantly balanced cocktail with delicate herbal fruity notes.

Banana Toronto image

Banana Toronto

This tasty riff on the Old Dog, New Tricks is bourbon-forward with rich overripe banana balanced by herbal bitterness.

Old Dog, New Tricks image

Old Dog, New Tricks

A vibrant menthol-like citrus freshness balances heavy, bittersweet herbal and rooty notes. The whopping slug of banana liqueur is surprisingly integrated

San Francisco image

San Francisco

Long, fruity, slightly sweet and vodka-laced.

Pearl of Puebla image

Pearl of Puebla

A herbal riff on Audrey Saunders' French Pearl with mezcal in place of gin.

Coquetéis de primavera image

Coquetéis de primavera

A primavera chegou - pelo menos no hemisfério norte. É hora de redescobrir as delícias dos coquetéis florais - pense no licor de flor de sabugueiro

Ketel One Hive Collective image

Ketel One Hive Collective

Paradiso, Barcelona, for years a pioneer of sustainability, partnered with Ketel One Vodka's Garnished with Good initiative to present the third edition

20 best St Patrick's Day cocktails image

20 best St Patrick's Day cocktails

St Patrick's Day not only calls for you to dress in green but to toast the Emerald Island with emerald-coloured Irish whiskey-based cocktails, stout, or

20 best Espresso Martinis image

20 best Espresso Martinis

The Espresso Martini is itself a riff, by its creator, on his earlier Vodka Espresso. Indeed, the Espresso Martini is a cocktail that lends itself to variation

Doctor No.1 image

Doctor No.1

Se o nome fosse Swedish Daiquiri, provavelmente seria um sucesso gigantesco.

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