15 April

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Because the Band Played on

So we are drinking a...

Iced Sake Martini

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Early this morning, in 1912, the RMS Titanic passenger liner sank beneath the sub-zero waters of the Atlantic and spiralled almost 4,000 metres (12,500 feet) down to the silty, pitch-black sea floor.

Of all the tales of heroism from that freezing, bitter night, it's the band that stands out. To prevent panic among the hundreds facing certain death, and a potentially lethal storming of the lifeboats, they stood on the deck and played calming, jaunty tunes. Their bravery and composure, despite knowing they would go down with the ship, most likely saved hundreds of lives.

In memory of their heroism, and the iceberg that started it all, we are drinking an Iced Sake Martini, which includes icewine made from frozen grapes.

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