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There are approximately 206 calories in one serving of Millionaire.

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Millionaire image

Serve in a

Coupe glass

Photographed in an

UB Retro Coupe Gold 7.75oz


Dust with freshly grated nutmeg & optional small orange wedge on rim

How to make:

SHAKE all ingredients with ice and strain back into shaker. DRY SHAKE with ice and fine strain into chilled glass.

1 12 fl oz Bourbon whiskey
12 fl oz Orange Curaçao liqueur
16 fl oz Raspberry (framboise) sugar syrup
16 fl oz Freshly squeezed lemon juice
3 dash La Fee Parisienne absinthe
12 fl oz Pasteurised egg white

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Millionaire Royal

Our comment:

Delicately sweet with whiskey-laced rich zesty citrus, sweet berry fruit and a hint of aniseed smoothed and rounded by egg white.


There are numerous cocktails that go by the name Millionaire but this recipe (based on rye whiskey with curacao, raspberry syrup/grenadine and egg white, usually with absinthe &/or lemon juice) is thought have originated pre-1925. This is validated by its appearance in Harry McElhone's 1927 Barflies and Cocktails where it's credited to London's Ritz Hotel. (We've been unable to check the 1926 4th edition of Harry's ABC of Mixing Cocktails.

There are numerous versions of the Millionaire and above is adapted from a recipe in David Embury's 1948 The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks where he helpfully says, "in my opinion it is improved by the addition of a small quantity of lemon juice. Two or three dashes of absinthe for each drink convert this cocktail into the Millionaire Royal."

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