Banana Smoothie (non-alcoholic) (Non-alcoholic)

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Hurricane glass
Measuring jigger
Bar spoon


There are approximately 39 calories in one serving of Banana Smoothie (non-alcoholic) (Non-alcoholic).

Styles & Flavours


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Serve in a

Hurricane glass


Banana chunk

How to make:

BLEND ingredients with 6oz scoop of crushed ice. Pour into glass and serve immediately with straws.

7 spoon Greek yogurt
3 spoon Raw runny honey (preferably orange blossom)
1 fresh Banana (peeled)
3 fl oz Pressed apple juice

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Our Comment:

Serve with breakfast cereal and you'll be set up for the day. The high fresh banana content means this drink will quickly turn brown if left. This can be countered by adding fresh lemon juice and balancing with more honey but this detracts from the fresh banana flavour.


Created in 2005 by Lisa Ball, London, England.

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