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There are approximately 166 calories in one serving of Blue Lagoon.

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Serve in a

Collins glass


Orange slice & maraschino cherry

How to make:

POUR first 3 ingredients into glass and STIR. Fill glass with ice and TOP with lemon-lime soda.

1 fl oz Ketel One Vodka
1 fl oz Blue curaçao liqueur
2/3 fl oz Lime juice (freshly squeezed)
Top up with Lemon-lime soda (Sprite/7-Up)

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The Swimming Pool


Lurid blue, easy-drinking zesty citrusy. This cocktail is also known as The Swimming Pool and lounging beside one, or at least imagining you are, is what this cocktail is about.


Blend the following with a 6oz scoop of crushed ice, pour into a glass and serve with a straw: 30ml gin, 30ml vodka, 30ml blue curaçao, 30ml lime juice and 30ml sugar syrup.


There are two versions of this bright blue cocktail, both rather better than the film of the same name which despite being panned by the critics was the 9th-highest-grossing film of 1980. Perhaps a young Brooke Shields and a sexually charged plot set on a tropical island paradise helped. But I digress. Back to the drink:

Blended version (see variation): Created either in the 1960s or more specifically in 1972 by Andy MacElhone (son of Harry) at Harry's New York Bar, Paris, France.

Built-in-the-glass/shaken version: We're unaware of anyone claiming to have created this perhaps later version of the Blue Lagoon but due to its simplicity, this is now the popular version.

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