Grand Sazerac

Grand Sazerac image
Serve in
an Old-fashioned glass...
½ shot La Fee Parisienne absinthe BUY
Top up with Chilled water
shot Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge BUY
shot Bourbon whiskey
2 dash Angostura Aromatic Bitters BUY
3 dash Peychaud's aromatic bitters
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How to make:

POUR absinthe into ice-filled glass and TOP with water. Leave the mixture to stand in the glass. Separately, SHAKE liqueur, bourbon and bitters with ice. Finally discard contents of absinthe-coated glass and fine strain contents of shaker into absinthe washed glass. (Note that there is no ice in the finished drink.)




An orange twist on the classic Sazerac.


Created in 2004 by yours truly (Simon Difford), London, England.

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