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Black walnut bitters
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Bastille image


Spirituous and herbal. A great alternative to an Old-Fashioned , as a late-night sipper.

Roosevelt Cocktail #2 image

Roosevelt Cocktail #2

Rye whiskeys’ strength and spice cuts through and dries the rich sultana notes of PX sherry with the bitters, particularly the walnut bitters, adding

Blue Nightcap image

Blue Nightcap

Two different sherries, honey and coffee combine with cognac and walnut bitters to produce an after dinner cocktail.

Bon Vivant image

Bon Vivant

Full-bodied like the rum that so influences herbal-influenced this late-night tipple.

Fedora Sour image

Fedora Sour

As David says of his drink, “Much like its namesake garment this drink is simultaneously sharp and smooth; and whilst it's rather cool, it's also likely

Splifficated Beat image

Splifficated Beat

Not yet rated

Created in 2018 by Pavel Zdarsky at The Spiffy Dapper, Singapore.

Black Walnut Manhattan image
User submitted

Black Walnut Manhattan

I find that adding a full ounce of the higher proof amaro makes this a bit too strong of a drink. So I prefer it with a combination of vermouth and amaro.

Black Walnut Manhattan image
User submitted

Black Walnut Manhattan

Not yet rated

Black Manhattan, but use black walnut bitters!

Black Walnut Old Fashioned image
User submitted

Black Walnut Old Fashioned

Not yet rated

Old Fashioned

Fourth and Rusk image
User submitted

Fourth and Rusk

Not yet rated

I've also tried with half and half, YMMV. Also, the official recipe called for Giffard Banane du Bresil liqueur. It's on my list of buys, but I used regular

Midnight on Madison image
User submitted

Midnight on Madison

Not yet rated

Classic Manhattan with a contemporary update, developed by myself, Rob Holden.

Mongol in the French Quarter image
User submitted

Mongol in the French Quarter

Not yet rated

A Vieux Carre variation based on the Death & Co. recipe developed by myself, Rob Holden.

Southern Smoke image
User submitted

Southern Smoke

A really funky, yet delicious combination of earthy and verdant cachaça, smoky mezcal, and pisco combine well with almond syrup and 2 kinds of bitters