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Black sambuca liqueur
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Anis'tini image


Specs of star anise are evident in this aniseedy Martini.

Opal Café image

Opal Café

A great liquorice and coffee drink to sip or shoot.

Liquorice All Sort image

Liquorice All Sort

This aptly named, semi-sweet drink has a strong liquorice flavour with hints of fruit.

Liquorice Cocktail image

Liquorice Cocktail

Gin tinted violet, flavoured with liquorice and slightly sweetened.

Rajamäki Cocktail image

Rajamäki Cocktail

Created after a visit to the Rajamäki distillery in Finland.

Purple Flirt #1 image

Purple Flirt #1

This purple drink is surprisingly balanced with subtle hints of liquorice.

Raging Bull (shot) image

Raging Bull (shot)

Coffee and sambuca make a great combination, as do coffee and tequila.

Alessandro image


Hints of aniseed, elderflower and gin emerge from this grey, creamy drink.

Black Dream image

Black Dream

Slippery Nipple with black sambuca.

Black Jack Shot image

Black Jack Shot

Whiskey sweetened with sambuca.

Black Widow image

Black Widow

This sticky, fruity, liquorice cocktail tastes a little like an Allsort sweet.

Grey Mouse image

Grey Mouse

Aniseed and whiskey cream.

Redback image


An impressive looking shot.

Black Nuts image

Black Nuts

It's something of a challenge to get the Frangelico to float on the black sambuca. If you store the Opal Nera in a freezer and the Frangelico at room temperature,

Oil Slick image

Oil Slick

Whiskey, cream and liquorice.

Head Shot image

Head Shot

Please drink responsibly.

Flaming Ferrari image

Flaming Ferrari

Not recommended if you want to remember the rest of the evening and please be careful - alcohol and fire is a risky combination.

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