grand marnierGrand Marnier

Flaming Ferrari

Flaming Ferrari image
Serve in
a Shot glass...
½ shot Pomegranate / grenadine syrup (2:1)
1 shot Galliano L'Autentico liqueur
1 shot Black sambuca liqueur
1 shot Green Chartreuse liqueur
1 shot Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge BUY
1 shot Pusser's Navy Rum (54.5%) BUY
How to make:

Step 1: LAYER the first four ingredients by carefully pouring in order into a Martini glass.
Step 2: In two shot glasses POUR the remaining two ingredients separately.
Step 3: IGNITE the contents of the Martini glass. Give two long straws to the drinker and instruct them to drink the contents of the Martini glass in one go. As they do so, slowly POUR the contents of the two shot glasses into the flaming Martini glass.


Assistant to help the drinker consume the concoction


Not recommended if you want to remember the rest of the evening and please be careful - alcohol and fire is a risky combination.


Flaming Lamborghini with coffee liqueur and blue curaçao in the shot glasses.


Created by the late Thai Dang, owner of Nam Long le Shaker on Old Brompton Road, London, England.