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Follows the eight bars in Athens Italicus recommends.

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Twelve Monkeys

Address: Mark. Mpotsari 16, Egaleo 122 41, Greece
Facebook: @TwelveMonkeysAthens
Tel: +30 21 1182 8727
Art of Italicus 2020 bartender: Aggelos Zeimpekis

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Paraiso Terrenal

Address: Panagopoulou, Egaleo 122 44, Greece
Facebook: @terrenalparaiso
Tel: +30 21 0598 0011
Art of Italicus 2020 bartender: Konstantinos Tranos

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Address: Megaro Mousikis Metro Station, 11521 Athens, Greece
Facebook: @noahlife.athens
Tel: +30 21 0723 3419
Art of Italicus 2020 bartender: Eleni Mpousouli

Eleni says, "A shop that welcomes you with love from the first moment you are there and you will see the wonderful sculpture that expresses in sign language the word "love". A Latin courtyard rich in greenery and trees in which you can enjoy your coffee, food or drink. Breaking the rhythm of Athens, although located in the centre of the city, Noah is a place that makes you relax thinking that you are on vacation."

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Address: Mesogeion 250, Holargos, Greece
Website: Lucca.Athens/
Facebook: @Lucca.Athens/
Art of Italicus 2020 bartender: Theologos Eugenikos

Theologos says, "Lucca Athens is the bar I work, with a great yard and very nice decoration inside! Which invites people to enjoy specialty coffee along with brunch, aperitivo during the day and cocktail accompanied by dinner menu!"

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Don Kihotis

Address: Leof. Al. Papanastasiou 68, Pireas 185 33, Greece
Facebook: @DonQuixoteKastella
Tel: ‭+30 21 0413 7016
Art of Italicus 2020 bartender: George Toumlelis

George says, "Don Quixote is one of the most historical-themed bars in the city of Piraeus and more specifically in Kastella! It was founded in 1978 and took its name from the eponymous hero of Miguel de Cervantes! It maintains the same philosophy from its foundation until today! It is now considered a timeless all day bar of the best in the wider area and the Attica basin which aims to marry the enjoyment of the image with the taste and consequently to provide the best customer service in the quality of the products offered and in service."

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Bel Rey

Address: Φαλήρου 88, 11741 Athens, Greece
Facebook: @belraybar
Tel: +30 213 032 6450
Art of Italicus 2020 bartender: George Eleutheriadis

George says, "It is one of the best bars in Athens and that is because it respects the customer and the employee. As a bar manager we want to give the world something new every year, something different and to teach the consumer new flavors and aromas beyond the usual."

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Address: 9 Voukourestiou st & panepistimiou st 106 71 Athens
Tel: +21 0325 1430‬‬
Art of Italicus 2020 bartender: Dimitris Kavvadas

Athénée known in the history of Greek catering as Zonars was created in 1939 and was the first cafe in Athens. All the celebrities and spirit people of the time such as Sophia loren, Antony Quinn and many others made it their hangout. It keeps this glamour to this day with the modern show biz, the people of the political scene and the people of the spectacle but also the average person to choose it for their exit. His motto is sophisticated hospitality. It was the favorite hangout of Queen Sofia and many people of global reach such as Valentino, Armani, Meryl strip and many others.

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A For Athens

Address: 2-4, Miaouli Str., Monastiraki 10554 Athens, Greece
Facebook: @AforAthens
Tel: +30 21 0324 4244
Art of Italicus 2020 bartender: Kostantinos Matiatos

Kostantinos says. "The A for Athens in which I work, with Bar Manager Theodore Pyrillos, is a hotel rooftop cocktail bar in the center of Athens, with international recognition and stunning views of the Acropolis. In other words the ideal pairing for my inspiration, creativity and evolution."

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