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Follows the eight bars in Milan Italicus recommends.

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Ca.Ri.Co Milano

Address: Via Savona, 1, 20144 Milano MI
Facebook: @CaricoMilano
Tel: +39 345 943 1361
Opening hours: 19h/2h
Art of Italicus 2020 participating bartender: Angelica Baldan

Ca.Ri.Co is a casual Risto Cocktails Bar, one of the most interesting openings in Milano this year. A cocktail bar that delivers a tasting menu made with tapas and cocktail pairings with seasonal ingredients, and with the goal to be zero waste.


Address: Via Giovenale, 7, 20136 Milano MI
Facebook: @OfficinaMilan
Tel: +39 392 860 0000
Opening hours: 19h/2h
Art of Italicus 2020 participating bartender:France Rainteau

Officina is a cocktail bar that mixes the preparation and serves of cocktails in a place that mixes retro design and in a workshop. A mix of colours and styles between industrial and retro that make it sophisticated.


Address: Via milano1/bis peschiera borromeo
Facebook: @Columbus.Milano
Tel: 0255305211
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 7am-2am, Saturday & Sunday Dinner Service from 6:00pm
Art of Italicus 2020 bartender: Giuseppe Tulumello

Since 2005, Columbus is a place that mixes 50s America into a real diner with the atmosphere of a high-level New York cocktail bar.

Barba Milano

Address: Via S. Gregorio, 40, 20124 Milano MI
Facebook: @BarbaMilanoBar
Opening hours: 12:00pm - 1:30am
Art of Italicus 2020 bartender: Kevin Faccio

Barba is a place in via San Gregoria in the heart of Porta Venezia area in Milan which is becoming one of the most vibrant areas of the city. A truly Glo-cal cocktail bar for the neighbourhood where it is located but also for the service we offer, where the bar and restaurant come together in one place. Behind this project two great professional promoters of other great successes in the city of Milan such as Mag and 1930 Flavio Angiolillo and Marco Russo.

Mandarin Bar & Bistro Milano

Address: Via Andegari 9 – Milano – 20121
Facebook: @MandarinOrientalMilan
Art of Italicus 2020 bartender: Antonio Rosato

Open from 8am to late, Mandarin Bar & Bistrot is the hotel's beating heart where the atmosphere evolves gradually from tranquil urban oasis by day to vibrant nightspot after dark. Its outdoor spaces feature lounge sofas, coffee tables and soft lights, while indoors the walls are covered with black and white geometric mosaic patterns, which create stunning lighting effects together with glassware, smoked ceiling mirrors and other reflective surfaces. The careful positioning of sofas, armchairs, tables and stools around the cocktail bar makes for a cosy and varied environment that invites socializing and enhances the range of dining experiences on offer.

Ti Bi Bistro Provencal

Address: Via San Fermo, 1, 20121 Milano MI
Opening hours: 7pm-2am
Art of Italicus 2020 bartender: Andrea Ibba

A neighborhood bar in the in Glo-cal Brera, where the must-to-drink is Gin Tonic and traditional Italian aperitifs. A sincere bar thanks to family management of the business, the small bar size and the soft lighting makes it intimate. Always frequented by young people from the area but also by foreign tourists.

Chinese Box Milano

Facebook: @Chinesebox.milano
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 8am-midnight, Sunday 6pm - midnight.
Art of Italicus 2020 bartender: Lucian Bucur

Opening 20 years ago by two brothers, Michele Hu and Luca Hu, this bar works with easy rules - make easy drinks, fast and good to be different from the rest of the bars in the area. The concept was perfect and in a few years this bar became one of the most impressive in Milano. 5 years ago the two brothers rebuilt the bar and they added the opportunity to eat in a modern bistro. It is the perfect bar to have a drink and a stop if you walk from the Duomo area to the newest area of Garibaldi in Milano. A fast but very good drink stop.

Bob Milano

Address: Via Pietro Borsieri, 30, 20159 Milano MI
Facebook: @bobisoladistrict/
Opening hours: 6pm-2am
Art of Italicus 2020 bartender: Cesar Araujo

From the early hours of the aperitif, the bar comes alive, guests wait at the door for the bar to open, and immediately cocktails and bottles of wine begin to be served to guests. A place also here in one of the districts that in recent years has grown the most in the city of Milan, the Isola district. The place is a fusion of a cocktail bar and restaurant that sees the typical Chinese Bao sandwiches accompanied by sophisticated cocktails by bartender Cesar Araujo.

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