19 August

World Photography Day

Joy Division

So we are drinking a...

Joy Division

The old adage is still as true today as it ever was: a picture is worth a thousand words. It's certainly far easier to convey a message with a photograph than it is with words alone.

Today is World Photography Day, an opportunity to celebrate the craft, science and history of this incredible art form.

Photography came out of late 1830s France when Joseph Nicéphore Niépce managed to 'fix' an image that was captured with a camera. However, it took somewhere between eight hours and several days of exposure, so his early results were rather crude. Louis Daguerre, Niépce's associate, went on to develop the daguerreotype process, which was announced by the French Academy of Sciences before the French government acquired the patent for his innovation, and proceeded to hand it to the world as a free gift with no copyright. And lucky for us all that they did, as photography evolved into a universal language that helps us tell stories, inspire, educate, entertain and store important moments in time for future generations.

So today, we encourage you to share a snapshot that encapsulates your world, or of something that sparks joy in your life, then kick back with a Joy Division, a delicious 2:1 Dry Martini amplified by a slug of Triple Sec and several dashes of absinthe.

USA Aviation Day

It's Aviation Day in the US - and has been since 1939 when President Roosevelt decided that Orville Wright's birthday would be National Aviation Day.

With his brother, Wilbur, Orville is generally credited with inventing the aeroplane. Although many inventors before them had managed to get flying machines off the ground, the Wright brothers got theirs to stay up in the air under its own power. Despite their promising start, the Wright Brothers' future was not as brilliant as you might think. All six of a type of aeroplane they supplied to the US Army crashed, and they became embroiled in lawsuits over technology and patents.

We aren't plane spotters. But, to be honest, any excuse will do for an Aviation, one of the best and most accessible of vintage cocktails.

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