24 August

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The British torched the White House on this day

So we are drinking a...

Bacardi Special

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Two hundred years ago, Britain and the US were at war: Native American tribes had asked the British to help them fend off the Americans, who were in any case none too happy about the British Navy's habit of kidnapping their sailors and forcing them to work on their ships.

And on this day in 1814, British troops rolled into an abandoned White House, which was then just a flat-fronted building, without its imposing portico. They ate the President's food at the President's table, then set the place on fire - although it would be rebuilt within three years.

The White House is, of course, a Washington icon so in search for a drink to mark this event we of course considered Wayne Collins' Washington Apple. We also considered the numerous 'presidential' cocktails on our database, of which El Presidente No.1 is our favourite. But in light of the present day "special relationship" between America and Britain, we decided the not dissimilar Bacardi Special more appropriate.

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