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The following are newly released and other liqueurs we've reviewed recently (newest at the top).

Please click on product names for full tasting notes, further information and to view the qualitative score out-of-five attributed to each product according to our Difford’s Guide rating system.

Reviewed April 2017

Gozio Amaretto
Gozio Amaretto lacks the bitter bite that balances the rich marzipan-like notes of the best amarettos.

Cointreau Blood Orange Liqueur
When compared to Solerno, which we're sure many will do, Cointreau's Blood Orange is much lighter, sweeter and 10% less in alc./vol.. So it is not a substitute, and we'll guessing it is not trying to be. It is well-balanced and well-made with a slight candied blood red orange flavour.

Reviewed March 2017

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Cointreau Camomille Liqueur
Fabulously intense with camomile, black tea tannins, rich acacia honey and zesty orange.

ency 40 image

Cointreau Guignolet Cherry Liqueur
Guignolet are a style of cherry liqueur that are complex and multidimensional with distinctive jammy prune flavours - this example from Cointreau is an excellent.

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Licor 43 Orochata Liqueur
Well-balanced, creamy, lightly cinnamon spiced and monkeynuts (It's actually made with tigernuts). This alcoholic horchata offers a great alternative to cream liqueurs.

ency 68 image

Monin Original Lime Citron Vert Liqueur
Now better-known for syrups, this spicy lime liqueur is the "Original" product by Monin. It cries out for use in a Gimlet.

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Lucano Anniversario Amaro
Spicy and lightly smoky with chocolate and cola-like notes.

ency 94 image

Averna Edizione Riserva di Don Salvatore Amaro Siciliano
Incredibly complex, dry, bitter and yet rich. Rooty, bitter, herbal and smoky with wine and berry fruit.

ency 46 image

Porn Star Cocktail (premixed bottled cocktail)
Sampled neat, this particular Porn Star is overly fruity and a tad acidic, but follow the instructions on the bottle and serve over ice, then both temperature and dilution tone the drink down, add balance and reveal smoothing cream-of-soda vanilla. I suspect that folk whose usual bar call is a "Porn Star Martini" will approve of this bottled rendition of their cocktail of choice, but they'd probably also prefer a freshly made version based on a quality vodka infused with vanilla pods and shaken with fresh fruit (see our Porn Star Martini recipe). That said those same drinkers are sure to love the convenience of this bottled version for home consumption - it's not a bad rendition.

February 2017

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Jägermeister Manifest
Rounder and more complex than original Jägermeister, Manifest sits squarely alongside, and competes with, the very best of the traditional Italian amari. However, Manifest's flavour remains identifiable as part of the Jägermeister family.

ency 72 image

Luxardo Bitter Bianco
First revealed in late 2016, Bitter Bianco is bittersweet and complex. It is perhaps the most interesting liqueur for new cocktail development since the release of St-Germain.

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Luxardo Apricot Albicocca Liqueur
A very high quality apricot brandy with a premium 30% alc./vol. strength. Brilliantly suited to use in cocktails.

ency 75 image

Zucca Rabarbaro Marca Depositata Specialita Dal 1845
Drier and spicer than the Zucca Rabarbaro of the 1990s to 2015, with a distinct smokiness, white chocolate, liquorice, cinnamon and white pepper spice.

ency 67 image

Dolin Chambéryzette Aperitif A La Fraise
Reminiscent of herbal dry vermouth infused with rich strawberry jelly. Yumm.

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Edinburgh Gin's Rhubarb Ginger Liqueur
Stewed rhubarb and root ginger with citrus, piney juniper. Reminiscent of Rhubarb And Custard sweets.

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